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You are advised to book your appointment early. This is especially so for pregnancy and newborn photography, where the body shape and size of the subjects change rather quickly. It would be best to schedule a session at a time when you are in peak form. For expectant mums, a photo session should be scheduled during the 7th or 8th month of their pregnancy.

Our mission is to record every stage your life journey through images, from a unique and personalized perspective.

We look forward to the opportunity for creating an unforgettable photography experience for you and your loved ones. Prior to the photo session, whether in the studio or outdoor, we will chat with you to learn your personal story and your preferences, including the photography style you like best. We will advise you on what to wear and how to prepare yourself mentally for the photo shoot.

During the actual shot, we will make you relaxed and ensure that you feel comfortable because we want to capture your most natural expressions and the most honest side of you. So, just be yourself.

After the photo session, we will let you preview the shots taken and select those you like. You are most welcomed to bring along someone, your family member or friend, to give you another opinion.

For the best presentation of your photographs, we will advise you on photo layout, framing and how to personalize the photo album as a keepsake for life. We can also tell you how to frame and display the photographs to match your home decorations.

In short, we will offer you a one-stop service to make the whole experience enjoyable and memorable.


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