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About the artist

Whenever I think of my late dad, I remember how he had always insisted on having our family photographs taken every year. At first, I could not quite figure why….

As I matured, I realized it was a family gathering which brought our hearts closer together and preserved our happiest memories  – for how long more could we stay physically close to each other as we eventually go our separate ways in life?

My passion for photography began in childhood. My father was a journalist and a photographer. This must have influenced me subliminally, or at least, my vision on what I would become.

I began my career as a photojournalist more than 10 years ago. It has taught me to become very observant and pay attention to small details. It also honed my ability to capture “defining moments” on film.

After spending many years working in various sections of the newsroom, I went freelance to become a fashion and lifestyle photographer for several magazines. Time flies and my cumulative experience in photography has transformed me into an artist, one who is sensitive to the emotions of others and with a knack for capturing their spirits, their personalities, and their quirkiness through the lens.

Life is a journey. Whether it is long or short, there are so many moments worth cherishing. I hope I can have the pleasure to hear your personal story and help you “portrait your life journey”.

- Keith  -

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Portrait your life journey

Copyright© 2013  by Keith Cheung

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